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Shoulder joint

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The humeral head and the scapula are composed of joints and tendons, which are typical ball and socket joints. The joints are small and shallow, and the lips are attached to the edges; the joint capsules are thin and slack, and the biceps are passed through the capsule; the ligaments of the joint capsules, the ligaments of the shoulders and the tendons strengthen the stability. There is no ligament and muscle reinforcement in the lower part of the capsule, which is the weakest. Therefore, when the shoulder joint is dislocated, the humeral head often comes out from the lower part and is taken off the front and the bottom. The size of the articular surface is quite different, the joint capsule is weak and loose, and there are about three ligaments and tendons attached to it. The deltoid muscle is wrapped on three sides of the shoulder.

【The humeral head and the scapula are composed of joints and tendons, which are typical ball and socket joints. The joints are small and shallow, and the lips are attached to the edges; the joint capsules are thin and slack, and the biceps are passed through the capsule; the ligaments of the joint capsules, the ligaments of the shoulders and the tendons strengthen the stability. There is no ligament and muscle reinforcement in the lower part of the capsule, which is the weakest. Therefore, when the shoulder joint is dislocated, the humeral head often comes out from the lower part and is taken off the front and the bottom. The size of the articular surface is quite different, the joint capsule is weak and loose, and there are about three ligaments and tendons attached to it. The deltoid muscle is wrapped on three sides of the shoulder.】