During 2021, our international UBE conference has received extensive attention from spine surgeons around the world.It provides a good platform for the exchange of advanced minimally invasive technology and the sharing of UBE technology experience for experts and scholars of spine surgery from all over the world, and also contributes to the global promotion of UBE technology.

At the beginning of the new year, we insist on inheriting the spirit of the conference to promote the good development of minimally invasive spine surgery.The first international UBE webinar “ISUBE2022 Webinar – France Station” in 2022 was organized and supported by French chiropractors on January 22, 2022.About 50 chiropractors, orthopedists and experts from 17 countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, and Indonesia gave live broadcasts, keynote speeches and subject discussions.

Doctors and scholars from spine surgery, orthopedics and other related disciplines from all over the world paid attention to this conference, and the domestic live broadcast reached 13,000 people.